fun vocabulary and spelling building image search engine for kindergarteners

Try words like apple , bee , giraffe , or lion ...


Dear Parent,
A bit about the reason behind this 'image search engine', spelling builder... whichever way you want to call it. While I was working on my PC couple of days back my elder daughter who just turned four came near me and started with the ususl request. She wanted to play the alphabet image sudoku on my laptop. For a change, I thought let me give her a new game. So I went to Google Image home page and told her : 'type in whichever word you know here and you will get to see the pictures'. It was really fun for words like 'cat' 'dog' and 'elephant'. She really enjoyed it. But the results were very disappointing for 'apple' and 'orange' and were not at all appropriate for 'dancing'. That prompted me to design a very simple application keeping a preschooler in mind. Apart from the fun part of seeing the images on the screen, I believe ( I'm not an early learning expert) this will be a good simple application which will encourage a small kid to a) Try out all the words they know - vocabulary building b) Spelling building c ) improving real time computer key board skills. I have added a search history at the bottom of the page. This will help parents to see what all things the kid was trying and how good he or she was with his spellings. You may get a 'No image found' message for certain words. There are two reasons for this. Either the spelling is wrong or the application doesn't have the word image in stock. Please let me know about those images which you were expecting but is missing on the site. I'm constantly trying to improve the kids expereince by adding more appropriate words and images.
Vinod  email: vinod@sudokuscore.com
My sincere thanks to www.freedigitalphotos.net for giving permission to use lot of good images.
Current Word List : ( This section is just launched(21st Oct 07). Word list will be added soon)

This section is launched on the most aupicious day called Vijayadashami day ( the 10th day of Navarathri) as per Indian philosophy.
" ....... During Navaratri's final three days, the workers and business owners, the pundits and the uneducated, the poor and the rich, the Brahmins and the non-Brahmins, the students the teachers all keep their tools and books for the puja. Throughout these days, they do japa and meditation. All that is sentient and insentient is worshipped on these days. Everyone offers obeisance to the Indestructible that is the foundation of knowledge and the indestructible Parashakti.
By writing "Harih Sri" as the first syllables, everyone from children to the elderly become tiny children in front of that Eternal Knowledge—they become beginners. If we keep this truth in mind, this life will be blessed. Then the Goddess who's own nature is Shakti will bless us with victory ......."