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Images of US Presidents to Country Flags to Hollywood Stars. Also play with your images!

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US Presidents Picture Sudoku 1
US States Picture Sudoku 1
Hollywood Actress Sudoku
Country Flags Sudoku 1
Flags picture Sudoku 2
Country Flags picture Sudoku 3
Flags Image Sudoku 4
Country Flags picture Sudoku 5
Country Flags picture Sudoku 6
Country Flags picture Sudoku 7
Country Flags picture Sudoku 8
US Presidents Picture Sudoku 2
US States Picture Sudoku 2
Hollywood Actors Sudoku
Kerala Beaches Sudoku
Kerala Arts Images Sudoku
Malayalam Movie Actors Sudoku
Kerala Heroines Sudoku
Bollywood Sudoku
Music Sudoku
Want to play online su doku with any image you like, without uploading or downlaoding anything?
  • Decide on the 9 images , preferably 50x50pix size and let me know (). I'll tell you in which folder in your PC to store the image and how to name it and will send you a special URL to access the game online. Thats it. Now the game is from web and the image is from your PC No upload, no download , no privacy issues!
  • Want your theme of images published for picture sudoku?
  • You can have your own theme image sudoku either to be published for the entire web or as a private link only for your family and friends. It is free. Please send a mail to me ().
  • Do you have any good theme to suggest? Please write to me.
  • Most of the themes presented above have come from my friends and family and fans of sudokuscore.com site.