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Mommy Who Is Missing?
How to play:
  • There is one alphabet missing in the squares. Use the keyboard and press the missing alphabet.It is as simple as that mommy.
  • Game and time starts immediately after the page is loaded.
  • Encourage the kid to say the alphabet / picture loud while playing.
  • Wrong entries appear as red. Correct entry comes as green.
  • Upon correct answer a score is given.Thats an encouragement to the kid.
  • Benefits of this game?Please figure out yourself teacher /parent. Frankly, I'm not an early child learning expert or a kindergarten teacher. But I have two toddlers at home and I'm a web developer.

  • Dear Parent,Teacher,
    I'm yet to perfect the scoring model for these games according to the difficulty of the game, age of the kid and the time taken. I need volunteers to sign up and let me know the feedback after kids playing these games. After getting all of your numbers I can improve the scoring to a uniform scale. Volunteer kids will get a mention at this site later with their photos and comments.( Is that sometthing to boast about or something that can go in to their resume??? I don't know!).
    Please send me a mail at if you are interested.Thanks, Vinod ( 05-19-06)

    Play this alphabets game without pictures here