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Sudoku Rules:
  • Every row, column and 3x3 square must contain one of each digit 1 to 9. 
  • To know more about Sudoku, please click here. Wikipedia: "Sudoku is taking the world by storm".
  • Sudoku Score Rules:
  • If you make any mistake on any cell, you are not eligble for a score for that game. However you can correct your entry and continue to complete the game
  • You are expected to finish easy games(kids levels) faster to get high score.
  • You will get a score of 001 if you take too much time to finish a game.
  • Your time starts immediately after the page is loaded.
  • Other Options:
  • Print and Play Sudoku Offline:   It is free.8 levels to choose from. New game every minute. Solution included. Easy to print format.
  • Free Online StealthSudoku:   If you think the sudokus on this page are easy ones, take our Stealth Challenge.(OtherConditions apply :)
  • Online Picture Sudoku(Beta):   Hollywood actors to US Presidents to choose from. You can have your own images too!
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  •  My Sincere Thanks to all the kids and teachers who wrote to me as to how much they like playing the online version for Sudoku Score. Your words of appreciation encouraged and motivated me to spend more time for the site.